My 5 Best Things to do in Wollongong

Wollongong – Lovingly known as, or self-referred to by ‘Wollongolians’ as ‘The GONG!’

Beachy, Buzzing with Life and easy to get around.

My beautiful home town of Wollongong, NSW Australia has a lot on offer.  I have travelled all over the world, but Wollongong really has something very special about it.  Wollongong’s stunning beaches are hugged by lush green escarpment, both of which are easily accessible, usually within a 10-minute drive of one another.  One of my favourite things to do in Wollongong is to do a hike up the escaprtment and then hit the beach or one of our many coastal rock pools to cool off – bliss!

Wollongong is quiet enough to ‘almost’ feel like you’re on holidays all the time, but also busy enough to have a ‘vibe’ – kind of like Newcastle or Byron Bay.

There’s so many great Things to do in Wollongong.  It was hard to choose a top 5 because even though I’ve lived here for most of my life, I’m still discovering new favourite things to do all the time!

5 Best Things to Do in Wollongong

  1. A Kenny Escapes Wine Tasting Tour 

    Well Of Course! I’m going to say a wine tour! ? it really is one of the best things to do in Wollongong.  Get picked up from your Wollongong accommodation or a location of your choice in the Wollongong area and get ready to be spoilt, as we take you either down the coast via a scenic coastal road to the Shoalhaven Winery Region OR up over the mountain, which is equally as scenic, as we head to the Southern Highlands Winery Region full of quaint country towns and rolling green hills.

    Both Wine Regions are only 1 hour away from Wollongong.  So why you’re here, you may as well make the most of Wollongong’s ideal location as a base for exploring other nearby areas. Check out our ‘Join A Tour’ option for a Winery Tour  that you can Join whilst you’re visiting Wollongong.

  2. A stroll along the Blue Mile

    This is an absolute must do whilst you’re in Wollongong.  Take a short stroll around the coastline and along our beautiful harbour and beaches.  Stop off at the Harbour for a Gelato or a coffee, sit on the grass and just take it all in.  Wollongong is a very pretty place nd asfter a walk along the Blue Mile you’ll discover exactly why so mny people rave about it! Finish your walk around Wollongong Harbour with a little detour to ‘Level One’ for a cheeky glass of wine, it’s a great harbourfront location to enjoy a drink and tapas.

    To follow ‘The Blue’ Mile’, start your journey at the Diggies Cafe, directly oppoosit Pepes on the Beach (another very cool spot) and walk along the biketrack towards Wollongong Harbour.  You can walk underneath the waterfront building and follow it around to the light house – that’s my favourite route.

  3. Sublime Point Walking Track Austinmer

    Are you a bit of a fitness freak?  If not skip this one and just spend a little more time sipping on wine at Level One ? But, if you do like to get your kicks from a bit of a fitness challenge, then a quick but very huffy and puffy hike up Sublime Point will be sure to get your heart racing.  It starts off easy enough and at this point I’ll have you thinking “Ohh this is a pretty and easy-going rainforest walk, what is she on about!?” and then BAMN!… the stairs hit you.  One by one you climb up the Wollongong escarpment, then you climb some ladders, then up a few more natural rock stairs, but let me tell you, it is worth it!  The view from the top is nothing short of completely breathtaking. I never ever tire of the view or the sense of satisfaction and achievement,  it really is worth it I promise.  The walk down really doesn’t take that long either, you’ll have your endorphins flowing and your buzz on, so you’ll basically skip down the mountain.  Allow about 1.5 hours to really enjoy it, and also take some water.  You can also treat yourself to lunch up the top at The Sublime Point Café.

  4. Check out the Wollongong Nightlife and the Best Places to Eat.

    If you’re into wine and really good food there is a buzzing ‘small bar scene’ in Wollongong which you’re going to want to check out.  My favourite spots are The Throsby and The Night Parrot.  I can’t pick one, so you’re going to have to go to both, at least! At The Throsby, you really can’t go past their cheese boards paired with delicious wines, yum!  At The Throsby I always explain to the staff what kind of wine I feel like and just let them choose something for me.  That way I get to try new wines and they also really know their stuff here! The Night Parrot is a hotspot in Wollongong where you can taste local and international wines. Expect to be tasting the trendiest and tastiest drops around! Their food menu changes all the time, but is always absolutely divine.  Definitely worth making a booking to visit The Nigh Parrot for dinner or stop in late for a night cap.

  5. The Scence Space

    Now I’m going to be a bit of a nerd here and say The Science Space – There’s no wine or cheese involved, I’m sorry, nor is there an adrenaline rush, unless you’re totally into science like me…but… There are the stars!  And honestly, what is cooler than the stars.  The Science Space has a brand new “lazzzeerr beam”, no just kidding, but I couldn’t help myself saying “lazzzeerr beam”, but they do have DIGISTAR 6, whic is a 4k laser projection system designed to take you on an entirely immersive tour of the universe.   Journey back through time or to the deepest and darkest depths of the ocean. Cool yeah! If you have some spare time, I think it’s worth a stop. Its location is really close to town, practically opposite the main beach drag so it’s very easy to get to.   It’s not just for the kids. They’ll be impressed, but you’ll be wowed too.

So that’s my Top 5 list of the Best Things to Do in Wollongong.  I’ve lived here for most of my life and I also run a business here, Kenny Escapes, so I’m lucky to meet a lot of people and am out and about a fair bit.   I’d consider myself an adventurer and love to explore.  I could probably write a ‘The best 100 Things to do in Wollongong’ list, as there truely are so many great adventures to be had in Wollongong aka ‘The Gong’.

Hit us up if you’re keen to take on Number 1 of my ‘Best Things to do in Wollongong’ –  JOIN A TOUR.

Let us know what your top 5 Things to do in Wollongong is.

Cheers, Leah – Kenny Escapes.