The ‘Best Ideas for a Girls Day Out’ is to make it happen – regularly!

Do you make enough time to hang out with your girlfriends? Karli Kenny, Founder of Kenny Escapes writes about her experience with feeling like she’s  “At the bottom of the list” when it comes to prioritising ‘me time’ in her household.  And by ‘me time’ she means ‘girl time’ – Hanging out, giggling, debriefing, sipping and just being present in friendship.  This blog post is the ultimate wake up call for anyone who isn’t putting their social life at the top of the list.


For the ladies…

Picture this – A group of women smiling, talking, drinking, eating and simply relaxing in the present moment with nothing in particular on their mind.  Being female myself, this strikes up so many feelings of positivity, nurturing, you know – food for the soul kind of stuff!  It’s such an easy and simple concept that makes us feel so energized, less stressed and happier in our normal daily grind, but why do we tend to be so extremely good at putting this simple pleasure at the bottom of our to-do list?

Now I didn’t say men here, simply because in my personal experience they are much better at putting their needs higher up the list, and even if you know a man who isn’t, he’ll probably have a friend who is and manages to drag him along anyway.  Sorry to stereotype, but I’m just talking from my own 40 years of personal experience and observations.

The other reason I’m targeting women – is because I’ve built a whole business around what makes me (a female who put herself last on the list) feel fabulous and each time we take a group of ladies on one of our wine tours they too walk away smiling and showing me that days like this – where a group of women come together and spend good quality time without the distractions of children or men, just get each other in such a natural, loving way.

Don’t get me wrong I do love men (one in particular) and am happily married but I just feel more qualified in this area to talk directly to you women.  Is your social life how you want it? When was the last time you took a full day away from your responsibilities to relax with close friends? Hmm?

I have the most beautiful group of friends, but we were all lazy at one stage.  However, we made a commitment to each other that we would aim to meet up once a month and started with a dinner commitment – first Wednesday of each month. It started slowly, some months we had 4 people, other months we had 15 but we never cancelled – dinner went ahead for whoever could make it.

20 years on and we still love our monthly dinner, but the big highlight over the last 7 years has been our annual girls day out where we often notice envious looks from other women and hear the comment – ‘I should do this with my friends’ – but do they?!  I certainly hope so as our partners and children have all come to know that these special ‘women only nights’ bring us all home full of stories, laughter, tolerance and a more positive view on life.

I hope to see you and those dear to your heart out and about on a winery tour – being the group of women that are inspiring each other to take some time to relax, engage with each other as only women know and enjoy each moment unapologetically!

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With all my Sincerity, Love and Friendship – Cheers!

Karli Kenny. 

Founder of Kenny Escapes

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